why i blog here

May 23, 2013


you may have noticed that my blog isn’t all about websites. how to make ‘em, how to run ‘em, designing ‘em, whatever.

that’s true. and it’s intentional.

you can see my work. i want you to be able to see who i am.

behind the masks that so many of us tend to put up in the online world (and in life, truth be told)

i’m not all about websites.

i am all about helping you to remember, and connect with, your depths.

that’s my thing.

and to me, that means the good, bad & ugly. the unicorns, the worms, and the really bad self-portraits.

oh. and the truth.

always the truth.

read on, my love (and if you see yourself in any of this, i’d really love to hear your thoughts via the comments.)



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go your own way

April 13, 2014

go-your-own-wayfor a long time now, i’ve been hearing about building a life you love

vs just allowing your life to be created by default

consciously choosing to live & be & operate in ways that take you closer to your own truth

vs following the crowd, for no reason other than it was the simplest thing to do.


we’re complete with the living a life by default thing. it’s had its time & now it’s done.

have you ever had the experience of knowing something on an intellectual level, but not really getting it on any deeper level… until you do?

yeah, that.

that’s been happening for me left and right these past couple (few?) weeks

and it’s almost breathtaking in some moments

the things that are “dropping through” for me right now are deep and meaningful and important

not only for me, but for those whom i serve as well.

and this, this whole building-a-life-you-love bit is one of those things that’s really suddenly dropped through for me.

i want the same for you.

taking responsibility.

making changes where change is called for.

taking action.


being the person you want to be (and know you actually are underneath it all!).


living the life you want to live.


that really can be yours. yes it takes some effort. yes it takes some time.

you’re gonna be putting forth effort anyway. time is passing anyway.

so all that’s left is for you to decide…

do you choose to tread the same paths that are already well-worn?

or do you choose to go your own way… to create your own path… to be who you really came here to be?

hang with me if you’re ready to do & be what you came here to do & be. you can sign up to be notified of new blog posts. i’d love for you to connect with me on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest… you can also get (free) tiny reminders from Life with the Dear You, Please Remember emails.

this is our time.

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giving my dream wings

April 8, 2014

i’m psyched to be part of Andrea Schroeder’s ‘The Give Your Dream Wings Blog Hop’ today. one of the things i most love about Andrea is that she’s so transparent about the ways she chooses to do business. i really dig that, and i want to include more of that in my own business.   […]

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next steps

April 2, 2014

it sucks not knowing the next steps sensing that something magickal is circling overhead but not coming in for a landing. what i’ve found, though, is that… as much as i want to know *all the steps* (right now, pleaseandthankyou) i don’t need *all the steps* in order to take the next step.   the […]

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unfurl – part 1

March 27, 2014

opening allowing choosing.   fully BE-ing into more + more + more of me.   wild free unfurl.   i had my latest Journey Mandala experience with My Michelle yesterday (Michelle Radomski of One Voice Can… but she’s My Michelle to me)  it was my third, and also the most powerful one yet (which is […]

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March 18, 2014

dive because you know that on the surface you’re the same as everyone else   but in the depths you find the heart of who and what you are. you find the glimmer you came to be.   be not afriad (but if you are) hold my hand and we’ll dive together. {hey sweets…. thanks […]

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crumbling structures

March 17, 2014

  it’s scary when it feels like everything you know everything you rely on is crumbling around you.   can you take comfort in Remembering that all that crumbles is making way for all that’s to come? {hey sweets…. thanks for coming by. comments on this post are closed. however, i’d love to pick up […]

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March 14, 2014

it looks desolate, doesn’t it? like nothing’s gonna grow, no matter how hard you try.   impossible, maybe? like all you can see is this never-ending mountain directly in your path.     and yet… plants have adapted to grow in the desert. there are living creatures that thrive in places on this earth where […]

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feels risky

March 12, 2014

crossing that bridge from where you are to where you want to be feels risky, doesn’t it? never can tell, ahead of time, how it’ll actually work out you plan, you prepare, you hope, you pray you do whatever you do and still, no way to know what’ll happen in the end. do it anyway […]

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let go

March 11, 2014

are you feeling crispy lately? i would imagine that leaves in the fall start to feel that way too the difference is that they *know* that means it’s time to let go. wonder what would change if we realized the same & just released… don’t you wonder? {hey sweets…. thanks for coming by. comments on […]

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it’s your turn (now what?)

March 10, 2014

did you ever have a teacher who’d call you to the front of the classroom to do a math problem on the board? did you panic, like i did? i always felt like i needed to be perfectly prepared (meaning – not only did i need to be completely confident that i had the right […]

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